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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Happy Birthday Jola!

Last Saturday was my beautiful wife's birthday.
I can't remember how old she turned because I am not very good at remembering dates, especially birthdays.

One of the problems of living in Poland is that it is virtually impossible to buy meat pies.  And so, for Jola's birthday we made a meat pie with a smiley face.
(I forgot to put a glaze on the top, so it got a bit burnt, but it was still delicious!)

But of course it wouldn't be a real party without cake.  Cake is fantastic stuff, and my kids love helping out in the kitchen.
 Here they are licking the mixers clean.

Here they are applying the finishing touches.  Apparently pink icing tastes the best.

And here is Jola enjoying the finished product.

Happy Birthday Jolu!

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