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Thursday, 13 January 2011

My predictions for 2011

   It’s that time of year again.  The time of year that all sort of pundits come out and make predictions for the coming twelve months.  Some of these predictions are based on reality and some are not.  I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to jump in and join the fray.  The difference is that I at least have a little bit of control over my predictions…

   Sometime before the end of January we are all going to be happy and healthy.  The kids have been getting sick regularly since the beginning of pre-school, same with Jola.  Of course this was expected and thankfully we didn’t catch any of the bad bugs that have been floating around.  My son, Chris has recovered from his bout with bronchitis and that should be the end of all illnesses in our house for this year.
   By the end of February I intend to have finished the first edit of the book that I wrote for NanoWrimo last November.  I might even try to talk to a publisher.  Who knows?
   Sometime before March I will be accepted as a Polish citizen.  We sent in all of the application forms in the break between Christmas and New Years.  I don’t envisage any problems with this process, but the Polish bureaucratic process is often unfathomable.
   In April we will get a tax refund.  This money will go into our bank account as we continue to save up for a rainy day.  Also in April I need to apply for another Australian passport for Ela seeing as hers will expire then.
   In May and June we will have two birthday parties.  Ela will be six and Chris will be four.  Mostly I’m looking forward to not hearing Ela say “When I’m six I will be able to…”  I’m also looking forward to eating two cakes.
   At the end of June (or maybe the beginning of July) the regular school year will finish and I will be on holiday.  In fact I might even quit my job.  After having been a teacher for three years I will be looking forward to doing something different, maybe.  It’s just a prediction after all.
   In July and August I envision long summer days and maybe spending a few days in another country.  Jola will still be working (her contract finishes at the end of August) and we don’t yet know how much time (if any) she will get off over summer.

   Sometime around September we will return to Australia.

   The outlook for October, November and December is still not clear.  I have a few ideas regarding work, travel etc, but I honestly don’t know what we will be doing once we arrive in Australia.