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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Back from Holidays

Hi folks!

About a week ago we came back from a week long vacation/conference in Mazury, not far from Olsztynek  .

We had a fabulous time and the weather was mostly kind to us.

But one of the problems of holidays is that when you come back home, you have a lot more work to do.
For us, this statement was an understatement!
In the last week the following has happened to us:

  • We were given notice to leave our flat
  • We had to insure our car
  • Our tenants in Australia stopped renting our house (without notice)
  • We had to apply for a visa to stay in Poland (which involved driving about 300 kms)
  • Jola had to go to daily training for her new job at pre-school
  • Jola discovered that she was getting 20% less salary than we expected
  • I (Malcolm) have read Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde by RLS
  • The kids have both had fevers (which fortunately only lasted two days each)
  • And a few other annoying things that I can't really explain in dot points

So, you'll have to forgive us if we have been a bit slack writing our latest Monthly Journal.  I know it might seem that we are complaining and completely stressed, but it's not true.  We are strangely calm and happy.

PS. as I have been typing up this Blog, I have received an SMS saying that we have been offered a place to rent.  So sometime in the next few weeks we will be moving.  Hooray!