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Monday, 20 April 2009

Dictionary of words and phrases regularly used in our house...

I thought that I would briefly summarise some of the words and phrases used in our house so that if any of you should decide to visit us, you will understand what is going on:

ROOOAARR!!! - A dinosaur being hungry and/or trying to tickle another toy
RA - A dinosaur talking to it's friends
HOOHOO - a dog (often also pronounced: Hmph, Hmph)
BAW - a ball
POO-POO - Words associated with potty, toilet, full nappies
MNUM MNUM - I'm Hungry
P'HUH! - This is yucky - normally related to things found outside
BAA-BAA - a sheep
MAMA - Mummy
TATA - Daddy
LALA - Ela
PAPA - Goodnight, Goodbye
GO - either as a question or a statement

The following are regular conversations that take place:

1. When Daddy is in the shower
Ela: Knock Knock
Daddy: Who's there?
Ela: It's Ela
Daddy: What do you want?
Ela: I want you to give me something/help me with something/take something off Becky
Daddy: I'm in the shower now, wait until I come out
- Wait for 30 seconds and then repeat ad-nausea

But it is better than the alternative:
Ela: NO!
Chris: WAAAHHH!!
Daddy: Ela, give it back to him!
- Wait for 30 seconds and then repeat ad-nausea

2. This sequence of events is not uncommon:
Chris: * Sounds of high pitched gibberish accompanied by fast footsteps
Table/Chris: Two Thumps (sometimes three)
Chris: WAAAHHH!!!
Definition: Chris had just covered his head with his blanket and run into the table or the wall - again

3: (No Comment)
Daddy/Mummy: Ela, please pick up your pencils of the floor

Additional Information:
Our son has the legal name of Christopher, but we often refer to him as Captain Rhubarb or Becky Bucket. We are often asked how this came about...

- When Baby Chris was still in his Mummy's tummy, we called him Rybek, which sounds a bit like the Polish word for fish (Ryba)
- When he was born we named him Christopher (Chris), but Ela kept calling him Bek (Because she couldn't say Rybek or Chris)
- Eventually this became Beky, because the 'Y' made it sound cuter.
- There is a cartoon in Australia called Becky Bucket, so we called him this because it sounded cool (I love alliteration)
- Eventually Becky Bucket transformed into Becky Boo, and then into Becky Boo Bah, before finally it had evolved into Boo Bah!
- Boo bah sounds a bit like Rhubarb. But Rhubarb isn't really a name.
- And so, when Captain Rhubarb was about 18 months old, we gave him the name of Captain Rhubarb

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  1. Dear Man. I read your comment. I found your blog. I like finding blogs written by foreigners in Poland. Now I am happy.